QHSE Policy
  • Give the greatest importance to all aspect of Health,Safety and welfare at work of its employees, customers, sub contractor and the public. Occupational illness and accidents will not occur from operation control.
  • Give environmental protection – environmental impact from operations we control will be positive.
  • Provide services that meet or exceed customer requirements – quality service is the only way to create value and growth to the company.
  • Communicate openly with employees, contractors and all concerned to the progress development of QHSE. Communication is the key to reach success in all aspect.
As in QHSE objectives, Manager has the responsibility to identify and set HSE performance targets. These targets are measurable goals used as performance criteria and shall be communicated to customers, employees and contractors and it will be assessed. They will be informed about what is required of them to achieve these targets.
Company Targets
  • No fatalities accident.
  • Reduce risks and hazards to lowest level.
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